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Wildlife research in the south of The Netherlands


Many interesting animals live in the Netherlands, but we know surprisingly little about them. A few decennia ago, the badger almost went extinct. Other animals are making a come-back to the Netherlands, such as the wildcat, the wolf and perhaps even the lynx.


In order to protect animal species, monitoring their populations is crucial. We do this by using wildlife cameras, artificial intelligence (AI) and geographic information systems (GIS).



Our goal is to monitor the populations of several species, so we can take action when a certain kind is not doing well. Monitoring can also helps to improve their natural habitats.

How you can help

If you also want to participate in wildlife research, you can sign up via our contact form and share your ideas. Together we can make a plan on how you can help in the area where you live or an area that you visit often. 

You can also help us by making a donation through the form on the right.

wild camera


We will place 10 new cameras. The locations will be determined based on the results of research that we have already conducted. By using GIS we have defined the best observing locations. Who knows, we might spot species that are new to the Netherlands: wolves, wildcats, lynxes, raccoons and raccoon dogs. We already know for sure that we will observe badgers, foxes, wild boars, deer, mustelids and more! When we spot these animals, their exact coordinates will be registered in a data base. Moreover, certain areas in the forests are separated from each other and we also want to document the impact of this.