biodiversity indonesia

Mapping biodiversity in Indonesia

Indonesia contains 17% of the world’s biodiversity. It’s home to a lot of unique species of animals, like the Javanese and Sumatran rhinoceros, orangutan, komodo dragon, and many more. Many of these species are endangered. In order to formulate a good plan to protect them, a lot of research is required. To facilitate this, mapping the populations of different species is crucial. Faunawatch will be working on this.

To help the research, we will set up wildlife cameras at strategic locations. These will likely detect a large variety of species. All of these images will be used for research. The cameras are triggered by motion, whether it’s an animal, or a leaf. To review the thousands of images, our data scientists have developed AI-driven software to help us select the pictures with, or without, animals. You can read more about the technologies we use to protect wildlife here.