Volunteer jobs

  • Video-editor


    We are looking for someone who can edit videos made during our projects in Uganda, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Ghana into an attractive video for our followers and potential sponsors.We are a very nice foundation committed to animal welfare, wildlife research, and education with over 70 specialist volunteers from 22 countries, most of them…

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  • Communications consultant

    Communications consultant

    We are looking for a communications consultant. We have some very beautiful projects that we would like to bring to the attention, such as our wildlife surveys in Indonesia and Uganda, our bee and beekeeper project in Uganda, our education in Ghana, Indonesia, but also our turtle shelter and tree planting in the Netherlands, and…

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  • App developer

    App developer

    Faunawatch is developing a Citizen Science app. Through this app, people from all over the world can help our wildlife research. People can help identify animals on photographs taken by the wildlife cameras, or help track illegal fishing boats. In the future, this app will be expanded, so that people all over can contribute to…

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  • Data scientist

    Data scientist

    Do you have any knowledge of artificial intelligence models, deep learning, GIS systems etc? We can use your help! We use artificial intelligence models for the monitoring of threatened animal species and tracking down poachers. With these techniques, a lot of good work can be done. We work with a team of passionate data scientists…

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  • Website co-creator

    Website co-creator

    Our website co-creator will further develop our website We work with a small team on our website. It is possible to help from a few hours per months to multiple hours per week, depending on your availability. Our volunteer is required to know HTML en PHP-programming. Application form

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  • Fundraiser


    Faunawatch is looking for a project manager to apply for subsidies related to wildlife, children’s development, women’s rights, beekeeping, African countries (or a combination of all of the above). At the end of March 2020, Faunawatch mapped out the different subsidy possibilities. We know where and how to apply for them and which information is…

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