four turtles

Volunteer jobs

  • (Student) vet tech / nurse / veterinarian / physician

    (Student) vet tech / nurse / veterinarian / physician

    For our turtle shelter, we are looking for someone with a medical background, for example a (student) veterinary assistant / nurse or veterinarian / doctor, who in the absence of Tim (president Faunawatch and veterinarian) can occasionally step in to assess and possibly treat sick turtles. Our outdoor shelter (spring / summer) is in Maastricht,…

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  • Gardener turtle / tortoise sanctuary

    Gardener turtle / tortoise sanctuary

    The turtle and tortoise sanctuary involves a green oasis, an ideal environment for our animals. Not only does it provide an interesting environment, but it also requires constant maintenance. For this reason, we appeal to volunteers with a passion for gardening, people with those precious green fingers who want to contribute to the maintenance of…

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  • Caretaker turtle and tortoise sanctuary

    Caretaker turtle and tortoise sanctuary

    Come volunteer at our shelter and contribute to the care of our diverse population of turtles and tortoises. You can expect a variety of tasks, including performing health checks on the turtles and tortoises, observing their behavior, cleaning filters and maintaining the enclosures. In addition, we will educate you extensively about the fascinating world of…

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  • Fundraiser for sanctuary and education

    Fundraiser for sanctuary and education

    We are looking for a fundraiser to help us with grant applications to pay for our projects. Taking care of the turtles costs a lot of money and of course we also have expenses for our international education projects. We are very selective in our expenses and of course we try to get materials donated…

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