Shelter for turtles and tortoises


Many turtles and tortoises live in poor conditions due to a lack of knowledge on the part of the owners. Also, turtles and tortoises often become very old, sometimes outliving their owners. In particular, pond sliders experience an extreme amount of welfare problems due to poor housing and dumping. It is estimated that about 200,000 of these turtles have been dumped in the Netherlands. These often die there after a long time due to starvation and pose a threat to local flora and fauna. This species has 3 known subspecies, namely the red-eared slider, cumberland slider, and yellow-bellied slider.


To help these turtles and tortoises, Faunawatch has started a turtle and tortoise sanctuary in Maastricht. We have obtained a permit from the central government to take care of all turtle and tortoise species, including the invasive pond slider turtles. As many animals are very sick on arrival as a result of poor nutrition and/or housing, our priority is to get their health as optimal as possible. Both animals that have been dumped and surrendered by their owners are given a new home at the shelter. The animals will first be placed in quarantine. There, they will be examined clinically and parasitically. They will also be microchipped. Next, they will enter the large holding ponds where they will be allowed to spend the rest of their lives. During the winter, the turtles and tortoises are housed indoors. Read more about housing here.

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