Rooster fights should not be a source of income

At the end of last year, we asked if rooster fights are an acceptable source of income for very poor people. We received 78 reactions on our Facebook post and everyone unanimously agreed.

“Never. This is animal abuse”, reacted Mathilde Schievink. “Whether you are poor or not, NOTHING justifies the abuse of animals or people,” added Lia van Son. Maaike van Veen shares the same opinion: “No, money should never be earned by preying on the innocent!” Kelly Weustink adds that animals do not have a voice. “We should stand up for them and not abuse that position.”

Boxing match

Many of our followers agreed with Yelley Babois’s statement: “Never. Those people probably slide even deeper into poverty because of their gambling on the fights. This is animal cruelty. If people want to watch fights, they can go to a boxing match, where boxers willingly chose to participate.” Ans van den Berg also adds that animals should never be used for fighting.

Animal entertainment

Eveline Ciemniak has never understood the exploitation of animals for entertainment in impoverished regions. “Take bear baiting in Pakistan. Those people are poor but they spend their money on such a disgusting and cruel practice.” Jim Stalknecht clearly agrees: “Every form of entertainment that involves animals is wrong!”


According to Armande Béres animals should not be reduced to objects to make money from. “Money destroys all respect for living creatures. Breeding, dog racing, equestrianism, dog fights…”

Vague question

Not everyone appreciated that we asked this question. “Why does this question even need to be asked? Are roosters not living creatures that feel pain? It would be more fair if people fought each other in the same way! But they are to cowardly to do this…” states Heidy Breed. Kit Haak thinks our question is vague and asks in return: “Should poor people be allowed to rob a bank?”


Jasmijn Reemer also does not know what to make of our question. “What a strange thing to ask! Does being poor mean that you can cause suffering to improve your own situation? Rooster fights, dog fights, drug dealing, robberies… Should all of that be justified under the guise of poverty? I do not think so.” Maria Haan thinks our question is very dumb. “And very easy to answer from our privileged position. People in poverty hardly have any choices…” Steven Virginie Vkb-Dlt suggest a possible solution: “Give them some chickens, so they can sell the eggs.” Not a bad idea at all!