Faunawatch uses wildlife cameras to research various animal species in the municipality of Meerssen

Various animal species were encountered during this research, such as foxes, badgers, deer, wild boars, squirrels and martens.
Many bird species have also appeared in front of the cameras. The most striking amongst them is the large amount of badgers
In 1980 the number of badgers in the Netherlands was estimated to be only 1200. In 2017, this number was estimated at 6000. In our research area, we encountered a large number of badgers. The badger does very well here, especially in relation to its habitat.

wild camera
education Uganda

Education in Uganda on endangered species, climate change and beekeeping

We have developed 6 lesson plans on bees, elephants, chimpanzees, climate in general, possibilities to combat climate change and a practical lesson, where waste is collected and then turned into a work of art.
The lessons are going well. The teacher also went out with the children to look at changes due to climate problems. To date, 234 primary school students and 237 secondary school students have received the lessons.
In addition, 42 students also received theoretical beekeeping training. We had our local representative attend a beekeeping workshop. In preparation for practical training, we had 5 hives made by a local carpenter and we bought all the tools and protective clothing. The purchased bee population is further expanded. The number of lesson plans will also be expanded with hygiene related topics.

Illegal sport fishing company tackled in Croatia

The blue shark is critically endangered in the Mediterranean. This is mainly due to illegal fishing. The fins of these sharks are often used for shark fin soup.
Faunawatch has gathered evidence against a sport fishing company that illegally caught these blue sharks. Thereafter the police raided the company and also found a blue shark in the freezer
As a result of this action the company has been brought to justice. The ministry has also indicated that it will carry out stricter controls. We are currently working on a new research action in Croatia.

Results Blue shark
meldpunt dierenleed

Petition for the welfare of chickens

On March 23, 2015, we handed over 12,514 signatures against the breeding of broiler chickens to the State Secretary for Infrastructure and the Environment Sharon Dijksma. These chickens are not given an animal-worthy life. More attention should be paid to the welfare of these animals. The animals in the agricultural sector, just like dogs and cats, have feelings and a personality of their own. They too deserve a good life.

Beekeeper project for schools in Ghana

Faunawatch has trained 66 students and 25 teachers in Ghana to become beekeepers through theoretical and practical training. Bee colonies and materials such as hives and protective clothing have also been purchased
Every year the new students are retrained to become beekeepers. The project has also become part of the examination programme. Beekeeping generates greater income for the agricultural sector by pollinating the crops and at the same timebee products such as honey, wax and propolis also provide a source of income.

imkerproject ghana
project solitaire bijen

Projects for solitary bees in the Netherlands

The solitary bees are seriously threatened by the use of pesticides, but as well by too few habitats and a shortage of food. This is the result of monoculture in agriculture.
To help the solitary bees, Faunawatch has placed a total of 68 bee hotels in various municipalities. We also have in collaboration with the province of Limburg, Center for Nature and Environmental Education and Institute for Nature Education and Sustainability provided 140 schools in Limburg with bee hotels. In order to also improve the food situation for the bees, we have sown organic bee-friendly flower seed at the bee hotels in 6 village centers of the municipality of Meerssen.
In addition, we acted as a distribution point for flower seed, so that people could also sow this flower seed at home. Furthermore we also planted 830 flower bulbs with 6 volunteers, 52 students and 2 teachers and sown them at 3 bee hotels.


For the various projects that Faunawatch has done, we have received the following prizes/ratings:
Received a certificate from the House of Representatives of the States General for our commitment to animal welfare.
Member of Parliament presented the green ribbon to Faunawatch.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has elected Tim & Ivi Huijsmans as Dutch do-gooders of the year.
Received a certificate and medal from the municipality and Tim & Ivi Huijsmans have been appointed sustainability ambassadors.
Tim and Ivi Huijsmans have received the youth ribbon from the mayor.
Tim Huijsmans has been elected to the Top Young 100 in the Netherlands. This is a list of the 100 young people under the age of 25 who made a difference.
Tim Huijsmans is included in the Dutch top 100 sustainable young people (age group up to and including 32 years)
Received by a minister and a state secretary at different ministries and another minister, mayors and aldermen to share our views.
Meeting with British UN peace ambassador Jane Goodall.
Meeting Canadian Paul Watson, co-founder of Greenpeace and founder of Sea Shepherd.

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Foundation of Faunawatch

On August 12, 2012, Faunawatch was founded with the aim of making a positive difference for the animals of this world.


In the short term we expect to be able to add new results from Indonesia, Uganda and the Netherlands. Here you can read more about all our projects, such as our research into animal welfare in the bird markets in Belgium or about the protection of Barbary macaques in Morocco.