• Help hedgehogs, birds of prey and bats

    Help hedgehogs, birds of prey and bats

    Even though we may not see them often, there are many beautiful animals in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, many of these species are not doing well because of traffic, small habitats, light pollution, pesticides etc. However, all of them still play an important part in our ecosystem. Hedgehogs, for example, help control snails and bats eat […]

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  • Research on the African golden cat in Uganda

    Research on the African golden cat in Uganda

    Identifying biodiversity is very important, as it helps to monitor species and protect them. That is how we discovered the African golden cat during our research in the Mpanga Central Forest Reserve, Uganda. This species had never been observed before in Central Uganda, a region which is 1,5x bigger than the Netherlands. The nearest population […]

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  • National and international educational projects

    National and international educational projects

    We have developed 16 educational programs that deal with 4 subjects based on the most recent scientific insights in education: Animal welfare: African elephants, Western chimpanzees, comodo dragons, orangutangs, bees, Sumatran tigers and pangolins. Climate: climate in general, threats to the climate and solutions, practical lesson in dealing with garbage Hygiene: hygiene in general, washing […]

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  • Plant trees for more biodiversity

    Plant trees for more biodiversity

    Problem Biodiversity is limited in the Netherlands. Green areas are often very small or simultaneously used for industry, agriculture, buildings, waterways and roads. In Europe, 29 million mammals die in traffic every year. In the Netherlands the main victims are hedgehogs: about 300 000 yearly die in traffic. Solution Research shows that people love nature […]

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  • Mapping biodiversity in Indonesia

    Mapping biodiversity in Indonesia

    Indonesia contains 17% of the world’s biodiversity. It’s home to a lot of unique species of animals, like the Javanese and Sumatran rhinoceros, orangutan, komodo dragon, and many more. Many of these species are endangered. In order to formulate a good plan to protect them, a lot of research is required. To facilitate this, mapping […]

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  • Beekeeping project in Uganda

    Beekeeping project in Uganda

    While it is common knowledge that bee populations are not doing well in the Netherlands, they are also declining in other parts of the world. In Africa they have been steeply declining since 2015. This is mainly due to the dumping of pesticides that are banned in Europe. Another contributing factor is the practice of […]

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  • Shelter for turtles

    Shelter for turtles

    Problem It is estimated that about 200,000 turtles have been abandoned in Dutch nature. They often die there after long periods of starvation and pose a threat to the local flora and fauna. The turtle species involved is the pond slider. This species has 3 known subspecies, namely the red-eared slider, cumberland slider and yellow-bellied […]

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  • Artificial intelligence for wildlife conservation

    Artificial intelligence for wildlife conservation

    As the amount of endangered species is growing every year, we need to create an action plan. That is why we are mapping populations, drawing up protective measures and curbing illegal activities. Artificial intelligence can help us in these protective measures. A team of volunteers is working on several models that will support Faunawatch’s activities. […]

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  • Wildlife research in the south of The Netherlands

    Wildlife research in the south of The Netherlands

    Problem Many interesting animals live in the Netherlands, but we know surprisingly little about them. A few decennia ago, the badger almost went extinct. Other animals are making a come-back to the Netherlands, such as the wildcat, the wolf and perhaps even the lynx. Solution In order to protect animal species, monitoring their populations is […]

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  • Birdmarket Antwerp

    Birdmarket Antwerp

    Every week bird markets are organised in Belgium. At these markets animals such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, poultry and exotic birds are sold. Faunawatch specialists have done research into the wellbeing of the animals at the “Vogelenmarkt” of Antwerp. This study took into account the 5 freedoms on which the EU law for the […]

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  • Beekeeping project in Ghana

    Beekeeping project in Ghana

    We have trained 66 students and 25 teachers to become beekeepers in Ghana. We have also purchased protective clothing, materials and hives. Almost every day we have contact with the schools in Ghana about the progress of our beekeeping project. After winning the Green Ribbon 2017, we received the following message from the Coordinator of […]

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  • Protect the blue shark

    Protect the blue shark

    Illegal fishing is a major problem. Fish are very important for the oceans and the oceans play a big role in the mitigation of climate changes. The oceans are responsible for 80% of the oxygen production and store a lot of CO2. In order to do this, a healthy fish population is crucial. Sharks, including […]

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