Parrots belong in nature

They are beautiful, intelligent and great talkers. But does that make parrots suitable pets? We asked this question to our facebook followers. Almost everyone believes that parrots belong in their natural environment.

“They do not belong in cages, but in nature,” claims Annie Kleefstra. Gerda Bouma also believes that parrots should be able to fly around in the wild. Eline Starmans points out that these birds can reach a very old age. “A lot of people are not able to or do not want to take care of an animal for such a long time. At a certain point the bird will be neglected. No, they are not suitable pets.” Mandy De Ronde-Willems agrees wholeheartedly.


Harry van Ruiten is the only person who believes in one criterium to answer our question: is the animal in question happy? Els van Wanrooij does not share this opinion. “Living creatures should never be kept in cages or in captivity!” Marloes Duyker agrees that the birds’ freedom is severely restricted. “It really bothers me when captive birds never have the chance to fly around. At Intratuin, a garden center, they are kept on a chain. Fun for the children…”

Adopt don’t shop

Ingrid Stevens is convinced that keeping parrots in cages is equal to animal abuse. “In the wild, these animals live in large groups. However, in captivity they are often kept alone and I believe this is animal abuse.” Lisette Zomerdijk agrees that parrots should live in their natural environment. She encourages people to adopt animals that are still waiting for their forever home in animal shelters. “Animals are not ours to use/abuse in any way. Adopt, don’t shop and people who do not accept this, should not get a pet.”


Anyone who still wants to own a parrot, can look to adopt an older animal and let it enjoy its final years. Ilone Plemper confirms: “So many parrots can be found in animal shelters! People can adopt an old one, but buying young birds that were caught in the wild is simply unacceptable!