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  • World Animal Day

    World Animal Day

    The past three weeks I have been cat sitting my friend’s cat in Amsterdam. The cat never left the house and would sometimes climb onto the walls out of fear. I was not allowed to pet her because she was very fast with her teeth.  I do not blame the poor thing, because who wants…

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  • Prevent Deadly Barn Fires Through Smoke Detectors

    Prevent Deadly Barn Fires Through Smoke Detectors

    Are you shocked every time you hear about animals dying in a barn fire? Sometimes these news articles even mention that there are no victims. Every time I think: “what about the animals”? During the event of a fire the animals have nowhere to go. They burn alive or choke on the toxic fumes and…

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  • My Favourite Animal

    My Favourite Animal

    This morning I wondered what my favourite animal is. A lot of animals fascinate me and I think all of them, large or small are beautiful: from a fragile butterfly, fluttering through the sky, to an immense whale shark slowly moving through our oceans. Despite my love for all animals, horses remain my favourite animals.…

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