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Always wanted to write a blog on a topic related to animal welfare? We would love to share your thoughts with the world! Please feel free to write a blog and send it to info@faunawatch.org. The blog should be minimally 300 and maximally 600 words long. We will check the blog’s content and we reserve the right to make corrections to your blog, without any prior notice and at any given time. When you upload photos, bear in mind to use royalty free photos. Faunawatch is excited to read what you have to say!

  • Preserving animal species through in vitro fertilization

    Preserving animal species through in vitro fertilization

    According to our Facebook followers, in vitro fertilization (ivf) may be used to save threatened species from extinction. Eighteen people responded to our statement. Only one follower did not agree. As part of the ivf process, one or more eggs are fertilized outside the body, after which they are placed back in the uterus. Once […]

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  • Dolphinarium: Animal Cruelty?

    Dolphinarium: Animal Cruelty?

    What do you think: are dolphinariums a playground for dolphins or are they simply a place to entertain people? We asked our followers this question and received more than 150 responses. In this blog we highlight some of the opinions. Caro Lien was ambivalent regarding this topic and wrote the following: “Animals in a show that […]

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  • Prevent fire in animal stables

    Prevent fire in animal stables

    In 2018, as much as 100,500 chickens, 520 goats (mostly pregnant) and 35 cows died during a fire in their stables. We asked our followers if it should become mandatory to install costly fire-protection measures in established stables. We received more than 100 reactions. In this blog, we will share a number of these responses […]

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  • Healthy or pretty: selectively bred dogs

    Healthy or pretty: selectively bred dogs

    Many dogs are selectively bred to create special features as desired by humans. We wanted to know what our followers think and that is why we asked the following question on social media: Is it a good thing that dogs like chihuahuas and bulldogs are selectively bred to have the desired appearance even if this […]

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  • Waiting on your owner: euthanizing dogs in shelters

    Waiting on your owner: euthanizing dogs in shelters

    ‘Imagine the following: you are born onto this earth as a dog, and the world is at your feet. After 3 to 4 weeks, you are taken away from your mother and father. You grow up with an elderly man. This man passes away and you are left on your own for months, next to […]

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  • A day at the Zoo, how innocent is that?

    A day at the Zoo, how innocent is that?

    There are several opinions regarding zoos. Some people believe that zoos should disappear, because animals live in captivity. Other people think that zoos should stay, because of their educational purpose. We were very curious what our followers think. We asked them and they replied: Yelley Babois indicated that he does not have issues with zoos: […]

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  • Liberating animals from ‘Mega’ stables: is it illegal or not?

    Liberating animals from ‘Mega’ stables: is it illegal or not?

    Nowadays, it is common to find many large stables, that can house hundreds to thousands of livestock or cattle, also known as mega stables. The living conditions of livestock within these stables are usually destitute. These animals should be saved, but how? Is it allowed to illegally liberate these animals to accomplish this, or are […]

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  • Talking With Animals

    Talking With Animals

    As a child I grew up with always some animals around me. And like I had extensive conversations with my teddy bears, I also had them with the animals. And I actually never stopped doing that. Maybe people will declare me insane! At this moment I have no pet at home, but I regularly have […]

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  • Plastic or sustainable packaging: about plastic soup

    Plastic or sustainable packaging: about plastic soup

    How often do YOU use plastic? Think of plastic bags, plastic cutlery at a picnic, soda bottles and soon. Do you ever think about the plastic soup that pollutes our beautiful oceans and about the animals that die from the large amounts of plastics they swallow? YOUR sandwich bag is also floating around somewhere in […]

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  • Where Is Our Sun?

    Where Is Our Sun?

    Have you ever wondered why we seem to have less clear blue skies? Or blue skies speckled with beautiful grey or white cumulus clouds? What memories do you keep of the skies back in your childhood? Were they cloudy and covered in a tangle of ever growing black and white plane streaks, as it is […]

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  • Living On Earth: volunteer and protest to save the planet

    Living On Earth: volunteer and protest to save the planet

    Volunteers It has been busy being a volunteer in the last couple of weeks. Hence, my involvement at the Fair Fashion Festival in Utrecht, at the Fair Trade demonstration in Amsterdam and I was also given the opportunity to attend the premier of ‘Silent Land’ and the documentary ‘Before the flood’, by Leonardo DiCaprio. Besides […]

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  • Mosquitoes: friend or foe?

    Mosquitoes: friend or foe?

    They kill more people on a yearly basis than any other animal. They are public enemy number one, with 2 million victims per year. They are mosquitoes, and we do everything in our power to reduce their numbers. In this light, every weekday at 07:00 a bus drives to the south-eastern Brazilian city of Piracicaba […]

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