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  • Faunawatch exists 10 years!

    Faunawatch exists 10 years!

    It’s time for a birthday campaign, because Faunawatch exists 10 years. Of course this should mean a party for the animals. Thanks to your donation we can make a party for the animals, by protecting them through projects, creating awareness and taking care of them. But you have the chance to win a present too!…

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  • Faunawatch on national televison

    Faunawatch on national televison

    Faunawatch was featured on the NPO2 TV show Expeditie Nederland. In the episode we talk about our turtle shelter and several of our other projects in the Netherlands.You can watch the episode on the following link: https://www.npostart.nl/expeditie-nederland/07-06-2022/POW_05349379

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  • Rooster fights should not be a source of income

    Rooster fights should not be a source of income

    At the end of last year, we asked if rooster fights are an acceptable source of income for very poor people. We received 78 reactions on our Facebook post and everyone unanimously agreed. “Never. This is animal abuse”, reacted Mathilde Schievink. “Whether you are poor or not, NOTHING justifies the abuse of animals or people,”…

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  • How clean is your windshield?

    How clean is your windshield?

    Think about the last time you enjoyed a car ride. More specifically, when you arrived at your destination and got out of the car. Have you ever checked your windshield at that moment? Maybe it occurred to you that it was still as clean (or almost as clean) as before you left? Not that long…

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  • Parrots belong in nature

    Parrots belong in nature

    They are beautiful, intelligent and great talkers. But does that make parrots suitable pets? We asked this question to our facebook followers. Almost everyone believes that parrots belong in their natural environment. “They do not belong in cages, but in nature,” claims Annie Kleefstra. Gerda Bouma also believes that parrots should be able to fly…

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  • Mandatory sterilization of cats is a must in the Netherlands!

    Mandatory sterilization of cats is a must in the Netherlands!

    In Belgium it has been legally mandatory to sterilize cats since April 1st, 2018. The government introduced this measure to reduce the number of stray cats and cats living in animal shelters. We asked our Facebook followers what they think about this: should this law also be introduced in the Netherlands? We received 59 reactions…

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  • The unloved panda?

    The unloved panda?

    About the sun bear, a little-known Asian teddy bear. Few people have heard of the sun bear, which is the smallest of all 8 bear species.Even biologists do not know much about him. He does not show himself very often and only the giant panda is rarer. The saying ‘unknown, unloved’ definitely applies here, although…

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  • Beppie’s story

    Beppie’s story

    Beppie… She was the sweetest of all three chickens and also the most affectionate. She loved gently dozing off while sitting on my lap. She did not even reach the age of two. A normal, healthy chicken lives for ten to twenty years and lays a maximum of 30 eggs per year. Laying hens on…

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  • Like sardines in a can

    Like sardines in a can

    In this case, we are not talking about sardines in a can, but about lions kept in a fenced area. This is done to enable canned hunting: lions are hunted in small enclosures, making it impossible for them to escape and easy for the hunter to succeed. The lions in these hunting enclosures are specifically…

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  • Do social media aid the decline of wildlife populations?

    Do social media aid the decline of wildlife populations?

    In July of 2018, a local Amsterdam television channel broadcasted an episode showing a man with a pet caiman. The reptile was kept as a pet by an Amsterdam resident, who – in the episode – discovered the animal might not be the most suitable as a domestic pet. He therefore brought it to a…

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  • Importance of World Giraffe Day

    Importance of World Giraffe Day

    Facts about giraffes Giraffes are known as the tallest animals in the world, and they can be found living in the savannas of Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa – where they roam amongst the trees, plains, and forests.   As social animals, Giraffes tend to travel in large herds, and they use their long necks to…

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  • Why biodiversity matters

    Why biodiversity matters

    In honor of World Biodiversity Day (May 22), we thought we would take a moment to touch base on how important biodiversity is, and why it matters so much for the future of our planet! So what exactly is Biodiversity?  Well, Biodiversity is comprised of many different species, which are interconnected with each other, and…

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