Schoolkinderen krijgen educatie van Faunawatch

National and international educational projects

We have developed 16 educational programmes that deal with 4 subjects based on the most recent scientific insights in education:

  • Animal welfare: African elephants, Western chimpanzees, comodo dragons, orangutangs, bees, Sumatran tigers and pangolins.
  • Climate: climate in general, threats to the climate and solutions, practical lesson in dealing with garbage
  • Hygiene: hygiene in general, washing hands and brushing teeth
  • Food: vegetables, fruit and herbs

Education is crucial to make positive changes. Raising awareness, as well as improving the standard of living  ensure that more attention is paid to the protection of animals and nature.

Help us!

Arts & crafts lessons
By making a donation for our arts and crafts lessons you support 10 pupils in learning about the importance of wild animals. They are taught in a creative and playful way, which will ensure that the children will remember the lessons for years to come.

Course book
The course book contains all Faunawatch lessons. There are specific guidelines for the teacher, so he/she can easily teach the children.

Sowing lesson
For €50 we can teach 25 children how to sow. The lesson is practical, but contains theory as well. Sowing may seem easy, but it can be more tricky than expected. The children will also learn about biodiversity and how the flowers they sow are beneficial for bees.


Already 1.556 people received education from Faunawatch!

Faunawatch education programme