Living On Earth: volunteer and protest to save the planet


It has been busy being a volunteer in the last couple of weeks. Hence, my involvement at the Fair Fashion Festival in Utrecht, at the Fair Trade demonstration in Amsterdam and I was also given the opportunity to attend the premier of ‘Silent Land’ and the documentary ‘Before the flood’, by Leonardo DiCaprio. Besides Leo’s blue eyes, some shocking images and a couple of new facts, there was not much new. Many of us know that things are not going well and many of us do also know that we cannot carry on like this. Many of us do also make more conscious choices nowadays, by (not) eating (less) meat, by using sustainable energy, by reducing the time we spend online and by not travelling by plane. If we want to make a point, however, all of this is not enough. Making a point for the benefit of the earth, means protesting by revealing what you stand for and demanding that political consignments get involved as well.


The Fair Trade demonstration, was my first protest. I was pleasantly surprised to see such a high turnout. The level of energy and the terms used gave me goosebumps. There are indeed many people on earth that long for a better and fairer world for humanity and for the animal kingdom. Still, after watching some of the aforementioned documentaries, I can’t help but to think that it’s already too late. Eventually we will all be confronted with the consequences originating from human behaviour. Yet, ample solutions are being looked for in space…

Going into space

Mining commodities from meteorites, cities floating in space and living on Mars. There are ongoing investigations as to which vegetables could be grown on the moon and on Mars and whether they would be edible. I personally think it’s a great pity that the western world has not succeeded to live in harmony with nature, as we are simply part of it. What’s wrong with humanity, why can’t we accept the greatness we already possess? Neither trouble, nor expense is being spared to dumb the earth and move on to planets where human laws will prevail. Is this the highest achievable goal: to live and to be all-powerful? Don’t get me wrong, I’m fascinated by some discoveries and certain ideas on earth. We are indeed a fascinating species but something has gone wrong somewhere.


It’s a strange idea that once we will probably have to bid the earth in it’s current form farewell. Probably you and me will not experience this. Nonetheless, I do think we will experience natural disasters in such ways never seen before. But we will also experience beautiful things. Trees that change colour in every season and colourful butterflies – we might not see the latter in the outside air any more, but feel it in our bellies. To me there is no other home than the planet I already live on, as my love for nature is way too large. As such, I will make decisions that are as conscious as possible and I will also demonstrate for topics that are close to my heart. Will you join me?