selectively bred dogs

Healthy or pretty: selectively bred dogs

Many dogs are selectively bred to create special features as desired by humans. We wanted to know what our followers think and that is why we asked the following question on social media: Is it a good thing that dogs like chihuahuas and bulldogs are selectively bred to have the desired appearance even if this results in medical conditions?

Mathijs Herremans shared the following with us: ‘No, this is never a good thing! We might be allowed to blindly select animals and plants on their appearance, their harvest etc. with all that this entails for these animals and plants. However, if I would proclaim in every media outlet that we should also do the same with humans (which is somethings I am against as well, only people with some extreme genetic disease should not have children), then people would say those ideas are very similar to what Hitler used to state.’ Helga Daalmans indicated to agree with Mathijs’ statement and she thinks that selective breeding of animals to create the desired appearance is ‘not good’.

Corien Schilte and Anna Francisca Sondaar believe it is self-evident that selective breeding merely for beauty features is unacceptable. Just like Jos Wallenburg-Visser en Josée van Dongen-Ramakers who say that this practice is ‘horrendous’.