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Fundraiser for sanctuary and education

We are looking for a fundraiser to help us with grant applications to pay for our projects. Taking care of the turtles costs a lot of money and of course we also have expenses for our international education projects.

We are very selective in our expenses and of course we try to get materials donated or provided at greatly reduced prices. In addition, we work exclusively with volunteers and therefore have no labor costs.

To do our work well, we need many tens of thousands of euros (and more) each year. Fortunately, we know our way around “fund-land,” but there are many others who, of course, also need funds. So our work needs to be distinctive and we need to write to several/many grants in order to get one from time to time.

Hopefully you would like to help us with this and do something important for our animals and youth.

If you would like to know more or help us with this, please contact us. We hope to welcome you to our team soon.

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