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Artificial intelligence for wildlife conservation

As the amount of endangered species is growing every year, we need to create an action plan. That is why we are mapping populations, drawing up protective measures and curbing illegal activities. Artificial intelligence can help us in these protective measures. A team of volunteers is working on several models that will support Faunawatch’s activities. For example, we are working on a model that selects all camera images showing animals so that they can be used for research. A different model we are working on, can help identify the animal species in a photo or video. Such programs greatly benefit wildlife research.

Our volunteers also work on various models that can monitor/detect illegal activities. For example, we have developed a model that will enable us to recognize poachers in photos. In this way, poachers in national parks can be tracked down. Currently we are looking to make this model real-time, so that when a poacher is detected, a notification is automatically sent to the rangers, enabling them to take immediate action.

Obviously, not only animals on land are endangered. Aquatic animals and their habitats are also threatened. There are many ships known for fishing illegally, but unfortunately, there is a lack of proper enforcement or capacity to stop them. With an artificial intelligence model, we want to link photos of fishing boats to a list of ships that are internationally signalled for illegal fishing in order to trace them and inform the local authorities.

Do you have knowledge on artificial intelligence and skills that you want to commit to the protection of endangered species? Then become a volunteer!

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