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Help hedgehogs, birds of prey and bats

Even though we may not see them often, there are many beautiful animals in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, many of these species are not doing well because of traffic, small habitats, light pollution, pesticides etc. However, all of them still play an important part in our ecosystem. Hedgehogs…

Research on the African golden cat in Uganda

Identifying biodiversity is very important, as it helps to monitor species and protect them. That is how we discovered the African golden cat during our research in the Mpanga Central Forest Reserve, Uganda. This species had never been observed before in Central Uganda, a region which is 1,5x bigger than the Netherlands. The nearest population of the African golden cat …


We use the power of education and research to save endangered species.

Tim HuijsmansTim Huijsmans
President Faunawatch
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Teaching children about nature and the need to conserve it make the earth a better place for generations to come.

Samuel Kwaku AntwiSamuel Kwaku Antwi
Representative Ghana